Frequently Asked Questions

ProPhase Labs

Is ProPhase Labs a public company?

Yes, the stock is traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market (PRPH).

What companies does ProPhase Labs own?

The company has 5 subsidiaries:

  • TK Supplements®
  • Pharmaloz
  • ProPhase Global Healthcare
  • ProPhase Precision Medicine

What products and services does ProPhase Labs offer?

ProPhase and its subsidiaries currently offer:

  • TK Supplements, a line of dietary supplements available over-the-counter at retailers and online.
  • A full service contract manufacturing and packaging plant as well as a distribution center.


What are Pharmaloz’s capabilities?

Pharmaloz’s capabilities range from non-GMO, Organic, Kosher and/or Natural-based cough drops and lozenges for over-the-counter drugs to dietary supplement products.

Please email us at with any questions.

What are your packaging capabilities?

Cartons, pouches, bulk packaging, blister pack, flow wrapping, twist wrap.

TK Supplements

Where can I buy Legendz XL?

Legendz XL is available online at,, and

Also available in-store and online at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and other regional retailers like Bartell Drug, Hannaford Supermarket, Giant PA & MD, Weis Markets.

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